New Works by Karen Matheis

I have been very busy in the studio. Here are some new works that are ready to frame.

Oil on Canvas  32 x 45 inches

Oil on Canvas

32 x 45 inches

Oil on Canvas  45 x 32 inches

Oil on Canvas

45 x 32 inches

Oil on Canvas   45 x 45 inches

Oil on Canvas

45 x 45 inches

Autumn by Karen Matheis

Autumn is particularly beautiful this year. The leaves have magnificent oranges and reds. The leaves are gently falling from the trees, leaving the ground filled with a mixture of colors. Some of these colors are finding their way into my paintings.

Sunflowers in Kansas by Karen Matheis

Sunflowers are native to Kansas.  They are prolific in September. Although we have had a hot and dry summer, sunflowers can be seen everywhere including in fields and by highways.  


Looking for Kansas by Karen Matheis

I just started a new series of landscape paintings based on the course of the Lawrence Southwest Trafficway, a new highway built to connect two larger highways.  A unique feature of the trafficway is a long curve that connects to a stretch of straight highway going east.  Farmland is still present around this section of the highway.  Interestingly, my favorite location to paint was destroyed when the trafficway was built.  However, the new highway offers a separate investigation. 

In my paintings, I want to explore the grid of the natural terrain with an overlay of manufactured curves. 



Screen Shot 2018-08-18 at 4.41.13 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-08-18 at 8.18.20 PM.png

Delivering Commission: Kansas Fields by Karen Matheis

Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 6.12.35 AM.png

I visited Blue Gallery today to drop of an important commission.  These landscapes represent Kansas fields.  They are 35 x 46 inches and framed in a simple black frame. 

The client fell in love with a painting from my previous "Kansas Fields" series, but the painting had sold.  I was happy to create new works to continue this series. 

Landscape Inspiration by Karen Matheis

My newest painting, "Field with White House" is now on view at Blue Gallery in Kansas City, Missouri.  

Inspiration for this painting came from a photograph.  The photograph was taken by a friend while she was visiting Medellin, Columbia. The photograph captures an interesting perspective of a hilly cityscape. When composing my painting, I subtracted the buildings and trees, and transformed the cityscape into fields. 

"Field with White House" oil on canvas, 32 x 55 inches.

"Field with White House" oil on canvas, 32 x 55 inches.

Photo credit: Nancy Vogel

Photo credit: Nancy Vogel