Color: Grays / by Karen Matheis

It is incredible how many different kinds of grays can be created.  There are several ways to mix a gray including adding a color complement or adding gray from a tube.  Surprisingly, there are many types of colors of grays, including warm grays and cool grays, and I am always discovering new variations.

One of my favorite grays is Gamblin's Torrit Gray. Torrit Gray is ugly by itself, but  great for mixing.  Torrit Grey is Gamblin’s solution for leftover pigments floating in the air of their factories.

Every spring, Gamblin cleans out its air filtration system called the Torit Air Filtration. The air is filtered around the areas where dry pigments are handled. Rather than sending any of our high quality, expensive pigments into the landfill, Gamblin paint makers recycles them and creates a color.  Because of the unusual way it is created, there is a different Torrit Gray every year and it is a mystery to consumers until the tube arrives.  Some years the Torrit has a more green tint, and other years it has a more blue tint.

One can not purchase Gamblin's Torrit.  It is a free give away and promotion by Gamblin. The new tube is now out, and I am excited to see this year's Torrit Gray.