Color: Red/Purple / by Karen Matheis

 A trim of a 1950's house of a friend has led to an investigation and research of (probably lead based) deep red/purple paint hues of this era. Color coordinating windows with the yellow bricks of the exterior led us to finding the original color of the trim under some peeling paint.  

Although red/purple may seem like an unusual color for a trim, my research into this color revealed that this hue was a common color used in 1950's houses, including Frank Lloyd Wright houses.  In one of his 1950's houses where he designed fixtures and chose colors for floors and fabric of upholstery,  Wright included his signature "Cherokee red" as a color for his floors.  

For my friend's trim, the undercoat is a deep red/purple with earth tones. I've been visiting with employees of area paint stores who have explained the chemical make-up of the older style paints.