Studio Practice: Searching for Types of Fluididity / by Karen Matheis

I am currently working in the large format that I have in my current commission.  The large format is really fun, as I can stretch ideas bigger. 

 I am developing the underpainting for nine large canvasses. Although this underpainting or sketch will be a guide, the painting will develop in a natural way, and will deviate as I work.

As I progress, I am searching for different levels of fluidity in the  paint.  I work with a glossy surfaces as the painting develops, using Dammar varnish and turpentine to give a juicy consistency.  The fluid nature will also allow for the gestural parts of the painting to glide on the canvas and over the flat underpainting. Because the paint is fluid, it will also provide some spontaneous outcomes such as drips. 

Although the painting will have gestural lines as a component, the gestures will be tight.  A mathematical grid will bind the overall layout of the painting.