Contemporary View of Landscape / by Karen Matheis

The vast and empty landscape near my home in Lawrence, Kansas, allows for abstraction and gives the opportunity to work out problem solving.  

My current paintings draw from the tradition of landscape, but also encompass contemporary views of painting. Inclusion of tradition is following a horizon line and vanishing point.  Trees and other parts of nature are recognizable.  Contemporary aspects intellectualize the space and change it into a fluid area that is seen as one drives through on a highway.  Solid shapes appear from the perspective. Lines are placed on a grid to indicate the human element of a landscape where a division between two counties are applied. Or, they could be telephone wires.  Or they could be simple mark making. 

Putting another layer to the way master painters approached landscape is in keeping with the modern way we take in our environment.  We are no longer static, but are most likely moving as we absorb what we see.