Current Commissions by Karen Matheis

I love learning about what happens to my paintings after they leave my studio. While the majority of paintings created are for unknown clients, some paintings are commissions.  Some recent commissions include large scale projects. 

Architects are skillfully integrating art within settings to heighten the experience of the observer. I am fascinated by the thoughtfulness of the designers who are changing the nature of public spaces. 

Interesting Commission by Karen Matheis

I had an interesting commission this month.  One of my paintings was destroyed in a client's house fire.  The painting was very dear to the owner who asked if I could replace the painting. 

I agreed to the commission, but soon realized that recreating a painting was more difficult than it appeared.  The colors of the painting were made by a process of layering.  Although I had kept a few notes while painting the original, it is unclear about the methodology of the layering.  Additionally, trees and other landscape in this painting were mere gestures with simple lines, and to recreate these proved to be challenging.  

In the end, I achieved my goal for this commission. Although nothing can replace an original, I think the end result is satisfying, and captures the spirit of the original.  I hope that this painting can bring joy to my client. 

Looking for studio space by Karen Matheis

Looking for studio space to work on larger paintings has been a journey. Oil painting is messy and proper ventilation is necessary.  I've reached out to friends for any leads.  Some have offered to share spaces, and one set of friends suggested their attic as a work space.  There are some group  artist spaces, but these are slightly expensive with no privacy and air conditioning in Kansas is a necessity. The space I work in is important so I will keep looking.  

New work by Karen Matheis

Creating new landscape work.  The landscapes start with sketches.  Some ideas from the sketches are applied to larger works.  I am in the "playing stage" right now, which is a lot of fun.  

A Perfect Spring by Karen Matheis

This has been a perfect spring.  The weather has been pleasant and gentle rain showers have helped the garden.  

I am making large geranium paintings today.