Happy Home by Karen Matheis

"Field with Yellow Square" now resides in a residence in Kansas CIty

"Field with Yellow Square" now resides in a residence in Kansas CIty

I always love to hear what happens to my paintings once they leave the studio.  A client saw my painting at Blue and it now resides in a family home in Kansas City.  He contacted me today to say they enjoy the painting when they look at it everyday.  I am so happy this painting has found a good home!

Photographing Works by Karen Matheis

I am cataloging paintings with my photographer Aaron Paden.  Today, he photographed works for Citizen's Bank.  

Many collectors have archives of their corporate collections.  I had this series photographed as a service to the buyers to document the commission.  

Client Request: Delft Blue Skies by Karen Matheis

I love working with clients to develop their vision for spaces. My current paintings reflect a client request for a specific blue for skies for seven landscapes.  The blue is a vivid blue that utilizes a Delft blue. The blue is quite bold and has a different feel than the wispy light grey and yellow skies that I have been working with.  

The blue will be the color that will tie all seven paintings together.  The paintings will be vibrant in the space that they will hang. 

New Project: Citizen's Bank by Karen Matheis

When clients from Citizen's bank decided to open a new branch, we worked together to visualize a space for the bank's interior.  Collaboration has led to art work that is specifically designed for this location. Seven large paintings will hang in the lobby and office areas. The paintings are Kansas themed landscapes with specific color choices embedded within the designs. 



Tribute to a loving cat by Karen Matheis

It is a sad day in the studio.  My constant cat companion, Bally the Cat,  was recently diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer.  The cancer spread very quickly to her organs. As the pain from large tumors increased, we made the decision to put her to sleep.

Ball was a sweet and lazy cat.  She loved to nap and be petted. Her devotion to helping me by being by my side when I painted was always valuable and comforting. 

Here is a tribute to my loving cat who will join all other loved cats in kitty heaven. 

Bally: 2003-2017

Bally: 2003-2017

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for KU Medical Center Cambridge Tower by Karen Matheis

The black tie ribbon cutting ceremony for the KU Medical Center's Cambridge Tower was held on October 26, 2017.  This day was many years in the making, with up to 400 workers engaged on the progress of the building at a time.  A sense of congratulations was felt during the ceremony. Immediatealy after the ceremony, doctors and nurses gave us tours of new operating and patient rooms. 

Just days prior to the opening, my nine paintings were installed in the lobby.  I was able to look at the paintings for the first time during this event.  The paintings look fantastic in the space. Beautiful lighting is in place to highlight the art. 

So happy to see a completion to this wonderful project. 

Title of KU Med Center Project by Karen Matheis

The title of the KU Med Center Project is "Meadowlark." I searched for a title that would be representative of this large scale project of nine paintings. 

The Western meadowlark is the state bird for Kansas and Nebraska and other states that have prairies.  The meadowlark creates its nest in grasslands, prairies, and abandoned fields.

The bird is a sweet smallish bird with a yellow underbelly.  

I like the title because one can hear the bird early in the morning in the summer in Kansas, which is the feel for me for the paintings.