Placing Art in a Stunning Room by Karen Matheis

I recently had the pleasure to work with a collector to find just the right piece for her living area. She described her home as having many open spaces with wood and stone accents. She sent me a photo of the painting installed.

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River Floods by Karen Matheis

Rivers all around the region have been flooding due to high amounts of intense rain. Here are some pictures by the Emporia Flying Club of Strong, Kansas.

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Show Prep: So many details by Karen Matheis

I’ve been busy getting ready for my May 2 show at Blue Gallery in the Crossroads. My work has been selected, framed, and delivered. I came to blue last Saturday to touch up a painting, and met artist William Rainey. We had fun chatting while I worked.

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River Meander Series by Karen Matheis

River Meander Series

The Kansas River, known as “The Kaw” by locals, is the world’s longest prairie river. River Meander Series is inspired by a recent comprehensive inventory of the Kansas River by several local groups. The inventory is a point by point map guide starting at Riley County and ending at Wyandotte County. One characteristic of the Kansas River seen from an aerial view is that it naturally meanders.


“The Kaw naturally meanders.  You can see the history of its wanderings in meander scars, oxbows, and terraces, by the deposition of sandbars on the inside of a bend, and the erosion of banks on the outside of the bends.  The Kaw snakes through side channels, forms islands, and braids its channel as it lazily flows across the sandy substrate that forms the river bottom.”

                                                                                     -- from

River Meander #1

River Meander #1

Image from the

Image from the

Frozen Over by Karen Matheis

We’ve been going through a patch of icy weather.

Love this picture of a frozen creek taken by my friend Frank.

Brush Creek  Photo Credit Frank Morris

Brush Creek

Photo Credit Frank Morris